Ep 26: Who Should Care ?

Who should care?🤔Caring about others is a heroic act by itself. As we (children) are busy growing up, we tend to forget that our parents are growing old at the same time. And the most precious things we can give to our elders are time, love, and care. @wearedadstoo knows that caregiving for our elders has neverContinue reading “Ep 26: Who Should Care ?”

Ep 20: Men & Sexual Health

In Asian culture, it is taboo to have open discussions about healthy sexual health among family, friends and even with our own partner. We feel uncomfortable and tend to keep our sexual health problems to ourselves without seeking help from medical experts. This episode from @wearedadstoo on Men and Sexual Health with Dr Taufiq RashidContinue reading “Ep 20: Men & Sexual Health”

Ep 19: “Real Men” Don’t Get Sick?

A lot of men have developed the mindset that “If nothing is broken, don’t fix it” when it comes to their health. They believe that they are strong enough to do their daily activities as per usual. However, what happens then when their health starts to deteriorate? In this episode, Dr Taufiq Rashid shares withContinue reading “Ep 19: “Real Men” Don’t Get Sick?”

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