Ep 30: Knowing You, Knowing Me

“Knowing you, knowing me”, in this 30th episode of @wearedadstoo, it highlights the importance of fathers in maintaining their interest, curiosity in building meaningful relationship with their children. All is well when an observant dad asks a specific question and speaks the language of their children for an eventful, worthwhile communication between a father and a child. Tune in to @wearedadstoo Spotify channel to find out more on this topic.

Ep 29: A Chat With Suhaimi

Suhaimi Yusof, is a no stranger name in the media industry. An actor, comedian, and former radio announcer who has been in the industry for the last 32 years believes that humor gives color in one’s life and helps to build a good social rapport. Behind all the smiles and laughter, he enjoys reading a lot! It gives him a sense of escapism! Join @wearedadstoo podcast this week with Suhaimi who is a versatile, dynamic, and entertaining personality sharing wisdom

on his life as an entertainer, a son, a husband, and a father to 3 beautiful children only at our Spotify! Tune in to find out more.

Ep 28: Play – A Child’s Work

Let’s LEGO everyone!

Do you know what is meant by LEGO? ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”.

Yes, play well everyone, regardless of our age, incorporate play in life is essential especially to the children’s development. It evokes creativity, brain development, social competency, and most importantly, they are learning on the go! Well, as the saying goes, “all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, it’s high time for us to get amuse and enjoyment in play again. Don’t worry about toys, as our surroundings can be the best toy! What are you waiting for? Let’s play be a part of our family time. Before that let’s tune in to @wearedadstoo Spotify and get the best play of information.

Ep 27: What New Dads Need To Know

What new dads should know? ‘Among all my firsts in life, being a first time dad is my favourite’ – Unknown. What a beautiful transition life journey one could experience from being a responsible adult man to having a lifetime partner and now being a dad, it surely life moments etched in one heart. Well we @wearedadstoo as a ‘senior’ dad, would like to share ‘secrets’ on what new dads should know to help make your adventure fatherhood journey as memorable life moments together with Dr. Zainal Muttakin a specialist paediatric only at @wearedadstoo Spotify and Youtube channel. Don’t forget to tune in!

Ep 26: Who Should Care ?

Who should care?🤔
Caring about others is a heroic act by itself. 
As we (children) are busy growing up, we tend to forget that our parents are growing old at the same time. And the most precious things we can give to our elders are time, love, and care. 
@wearedadstoo knows that caregiving for our elders has never been a walk in the park. With the empowering culture of care involving every level of society from the school, youths, employers, neighbours, doctors and nurses to the friendly aging policy changes in the government. 
We can have compassion, empathy, and a culture of care as a reality. Listen to this episode featuring Dr. Chan Yeow if you are curious to know who should be responsible for taking care of the elderly at Spotify @wearedadstoo!

Ep 25: Values in Action

Son: Dad, I’m going to make a cup of coffee to stay awake for final EURO 2020, would you like to have a cup? I can make it for you.

Dad: Oh dear, it sounds tempting, but I’m good. Thank you for asking.

Son: Welcome!

The above conversation might sound normal with the son being considerate and caring. But, to have these values inculcated actually takes a lot of practice in a family household.T here are a lot of family values, but what we can do is to choose and pick those values that we can put into action on a daily basis.

The more the values are being practiced, the more it becomes second nature to the family. 

Come and join us @wearedadstoo Spotify if you are curious to know about the three pillars of family culture and how family values can be translated into action.

Ep 24: Parenting That Works

Which types of parenting styles work for you? Authoritative? Indulgent? Indifferent? Collaborative?🤔

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parenting. Each parent is different, but what’s similar is that every parent wants the best for their children💯

Sit back and join @wearedadstoo podcast this week as we share how to have rules at home without overdoing them, the importance to have a learning environment where mistakes and open discussion are welcome and cherished🎉. Tag us @wearedadstoo on your key takeaways!

Ep 23: The Hidden Enemy

Can you guess who is it? Well, it is not your usual frenemy, but it’s none other than the big C; Cancer. 

According to the Singapore Cancer Society, about 39 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. 1 in 4 people may develop cancer in their lifetime.
While not everyone develops cancer,  there are many factors that may trigger this disease. The possible factors include our environment, having a sedentary lifestyle, hidden toxins found in our daily household items such as softener. 
Want to know more about this enemy and the science behind it? Tune in to this episode with special guest Dr. Mariam. 

Find us @wearedadstoo on Spotify and Youtube now!
Visit wellnesswithdrmariam.com for more dynamic health information.😉

Ep 22: To Dad, With Love

“To the world, you’re a dad, To our family, you’re the world”. ~ Unknown~

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, you’re truly the unsung heroes! 
On this special day, let’s take this opportunity to fondly reconnect with our dads; be it via Zoom, Facetime or Skype as long as we cherish every moment with our loved ones.
Try asking these questions with your dads if you often struggle to keep the conversation going!👇🏼 

1. What’s the one thing you like to thank your father for?
2. What’s the one thing you received from your dad and you would like to pass to your children?
3. What’s the one thing you want your father to know?

@wearedadstoo hope you’ll have a splendid time together with your family as family is where life and love begins and never end.

Ep 21: Raising Sons & Daughters

Parents only want the best for their children.

The subject of raising children in this fast-changing world such as how they play, live, communicate, think and how they grow as an individual – are profound concerns most parents have.

Should parents raise their sons and daughters according to gender stereotypes?

Join us in our podcast today with our special guest, Martin Lim.

Here, we talk about the difference between traditional and modern parenting, the stereotypical gender roles in society and how parents play an important role in their children’s early development.

Do visit http://www.family.org.sg/strongerwithdads for this year’s Father’s Day campaign.

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