Ep 15: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 2)

In the previous episode we have discussed about the three ingredients needed to have good quality time. In part two of Hope for the Busy Father, we will discuss on how fathers out there can compartmentalize their time between work and family!! Listen to this episode for some tips to know how you can balanceContinue reading “Ep 15: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 2)”

Ep 14: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 1)

“Give me five minutes, I’ll get back to you” Do you often say this to your child? Then this episode is for you! We understand that you may be busy but that little pockets of time you make for your child makes a huge impact. Sometimes organizing or having family time does not equate toContinue reading “Ep 14: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 1)”

Ep 13: Dads in Progress

Fathers, small progress is still PROGRESS. Celebrate your small wins! Fathers, like mothers, are also considered part of the backbone in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Did you know that fathers may experience postpartum depression as well? This is called paternal postpartum depression. In our society, males are depicted as the pillar ofContinue reading “Ep 13: Dads in Progress”

Ep 12: Fathering After Divorce (Part 2)

In this second part of “Fathering After Divorce” episode, we will explore the importance of quality time between a father and the children to develop the best relationships between them. Plus point, if you’re wondering when is the best time to be in love again, give a listen to this episode exclusively at We AreContinue reading “Ep 12: Fathering After Divorce (Part 2)”

Ep 11: Fathering After Divorce

“Divorce” in most cultures has always been associated with negative connotations. What if we change our perspective to the positive and discuss how separated parties can move forward in co-parenting for the best interest of the child? For dads and moms struggling to build life from the shattered glass, practical insights and tips are sharedContinue reading “Ep 11: Fathering After Divorce”

Ep 9: When Conflicts Turn Violent

In this episode, we talk about domestic violence with Co-Founder of Casa Raudha Limited, Zaharah Ariff. People have heard about domestic violence but more can be done to spread awareness of its severity and impact on families. Listen to this conversation also to know how domestic violence can be prevented and what victims can doContinue reading “Ep 9: When Conflicts Turn Violent”

Ep 8: Conflict Management In Marriage

We are all imperfect communicators. We think we know what we are saying but sometimes we are not aware of the emotions involved. The slight change of intonation and emphasis can cause a conflict. Conflict among partners is inevitable, listen to this episode to know how you and your partner can manage conflict better! ItContinue reading “Ep 8: Conflict Management In Marriage”

Ep 6: Beware of The Marriage Breakers (Part 2)

One of the keys to good parenting is a strong marriage. When fathers treat their wives well and do what they can to keep the whole family intact, they are modelling to their children what they should do to have a healthy family in the future! Listen to this episode to know more about theContinue reading “Ep 6: Beware of The Marriage Breakers (Part 2)”

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