Ep 21: Raising Sons & Daughters

Parents only want the best for their children. The subject of raising children in this fast-changing world such as how they play, live, communicate, think and how they grow as an individual – are profound concerns most parents have. Should parents raise their sons and daughters according to gender stereotypes? Join us in our podcastContinue reading “Ep 21: Raising Sons & Daughters”

Ep 20: Men & Sexual Health

In Asian culture, it is taboo to have open discussions about healthy sexual health among family, friends and even with our own partner. We feel uncomfortable and tend to keep our sexual health problems to ourselves without seeking help from medical experts. This episode from @wearedadstoo on Men and Sexual Health with Dr Taufiq RashidContinue reading “Ep 20: Men & Sexual Health”

Ep 19: “Real Men” Don’t Get Sick?

A lot of men have developed the mindset that “If nothing is broken, don’t fix it” when it comes to their health. They believe that they are strong enough to do their daily activities as per usual. However, what happens then when their health starts to deteriorate? In this episode, Dr Taufiq Rashid shares withContinue reading “Ep 19: “Real Men” Don’t Get Sick?”

Ep 17: Fatherhood Starts Here

@wearedadstoo is honored to have Bryan Tan, CEO of Centre For Fathering, on this week’s conversation. A father of 4 children, he recently welcomed the arrival of his 4th child. A former senior officer with the Singapore Armed Forces, he made a career switch to the social service sector several years ago. Tune in toContinue reading “Ep 17: Fatherhood Starts Here”

Ep 16: A Mother Speaks

Special on Mother’s Day, @wearedadstoo together with Dr. Mariam delved into various themes such as struggling of working mothers, importance of compromising between a wife and a husband, developing an effective communication style to express your thoughts and emotions productively and lots more more about motherhood as life as a wife and mother is neverContinue reading “Ep 16: A Mother Speaks”

Ep 15: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 2)

In the previous episode we have discussed about the three ingredients needed to have good quality time. In part two of Hope for the Busy Father, we will discuss on how fathers out there can compartmentalize their time between work and family!! Listen to this episode for some tips to know how you can balanceContinue reading “Ep 15: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 2)”

Ep 14: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 1)

“Give me five minutes, I’ll get back to you” Do you often say this to your child? Then this episode is for you! We understand that you may be busy but that little pockets of time you make for your child makes a huge impact. Sometimes organizing or having family time does not equate toContinue reading “Ep 14: Hope for the Busy Father (Part 1)”

Ep 13: Dads in Progress

Fathers, small progress is still PROGRESS. Celebrate your small wins! Fathers, like mothers, are also considered part of the backbone in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Did you know that fathers may experience postpartum depression as well? This is called paternal postpartum depression. In our society, males are depicted as the pillar ofContinue reading “Ep 13: Dads in Progress”

Ep 12: Fathering After Divorce (Part 2)

In this second part of “Fathering After Divorce” episode, we will explore the importance of quality time between a father and the children to develop the best relationships between them. Plus point, if you’re wondering when is the best time to be in love again, give a listen to this episode exclusively at We AreContinue reading “Ep 12: Fathering After Divorce (Part 2)”

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