We Are Dads Too is a podcast for fathers by fathers.

Join its hosts, Hafiz and Parcsen, in fun and frank conversations about being a father and its challenges. Get tips to connect better with your family. Meet the co-hosts here.

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This podcast is brought to you by Emaan Catalyst Community. Their mission is to elevate hope by transforming lives through social education initiatives as well as personal development programmes. You can connect with them at FB @emaancatalyst and IG @emaan_catalyst.

The most important role a man can play is that of becoming a father. Fatherhood is a man’s link with the future.

Lewis Yablonsky, Fathers and Sons

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Ep 13: Dads in Progress

Fathers, small progress is still PROGRESS. Celebrate your small wins! Fathers, like mothers, are also considered part of the backbone in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Did you know that fathers may experience postpartum depression as well? This is called paternal postpartum depression. In our society, males are depicted as the pillar ofContinue reading “Ep 13: Dads in Progress”

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